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About Me

Adding Grandeur and Vibrancy

Hi! I am Radhika Sigtia born and brought up in India. For me art is more of a soul to my life and it has become a part of my personality now.


My painting journey started from childhood because my mom is an artist. She used to engage me and my brother in art projects and make us paint in our summer holidays which we used to enjoy. Thus I always knew that I liked to paint. But I never knew that it would become such an important part of my life where I would feel difficult sustaining without it.


It was after my 12th grade that I made my first ever painting with a serious intention. It was Lord Krishna’s acrylic painting and I wanted to explore more. Thus I joined art club called Department of Arts and Decoration(AND) in my college and it was the only club I joined. Thus I would give it most of my evening time so that I can explore more in this field. AND was a great place to learn and explore more opportunities because over there we worked with all kinds of material like wood, iron, paper mache. We focused on making 3d structures which were on a massive scale with average height of out artworks being 6ft. We used to weld, carve, think of all the out of box ideas and it was such a fun process. I really enjoyed the creative process. 

In my 1st year, I mostly contributed in the painting part of the structures and then there was lockdown. In the lockdown, I had a lot of time thus I thought to explore different mediums. I tried charcoal, oil paints, watercolours as well as quilling. The first oil painting I tried was a tutorial from YouTube about finger painting and I liked how buttery the paints were and the beautiful shades that could be made with them. Thus I was eager to learn more about this medium. I knew I liked landscapes and thus I found Bob Ross channel on YouTube who taught various techniques to paint landscapes with oil paints. I completed its first season by making about 12 paintings and now I was ready to paint my first original painting. It was the toucan bird and in the process I thought that I chose a difficult painting. But instead of the bird, I really liked how realistic the branch looked like.

Then I came back to college in my 3rd year being the head of AND because of my punctuality and my interest in this field. We made the anamorphic art and the mural and I could see a massive shift in my painting capabilities from making random strokes to being a confident artist. AND gave me a real boost in terms of creativity and the endless limits arts posses and I am happy that I was part of it and met some amazing people who constantly support me to grow further. 

It’s not important to be best but to strive to be the best. And this is the mantra I follow. ‘Karam car par phal ki chinta mat kar’ as my mom says. There is no day now when I don’t think about creating art and not just thinking but I do create and add substance to my art.

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